Monday, June 6, 2016


Dear Everyone!!!

IT’S BEEN AN AWESOME WEEK!!!! Sooooooo much to tell, I only hope I don't forget it all as I'm typing. Or my battery dies...

So, I'm gonna start on Thursday. ITS HUMID!!!! And it's only started. Its just the beginning! Dun DUn DUUUNN!!!!

Thursday, we had a member named Brother Vera (He's Columbian!) HE'S AWESOME and so friendly. He brought all the missionaries to a Columbian restaurant. He bought us all a dish called the Columbian

So my favorite day this week was Saturday. It really was a great week, but my favorite contact was with a guy named Elisier. So it was roasting hot, we had meetings most of the day and we just wanted to go
talk to people. We've been short on miles for the month so and we like to walk more anyways (plus just way easier to always engage with people.) We decided to walk to an apartment complex nearby. We were walking and we're smiling and laughing, there was a lady walking towards us, I noticed her limp. So asked her why she was limping. We started talking. We talked to her about the Church and the gospel. She had a limited understanding of English so we got her contact info to give to the Spanish Elders. We keep walking. We reach the complex and haven't passed or seen anyone else, we see a woman walking, we asked "Hey, how is your day?" With big smiles, she immediately turned her face and said, "Go away." Not discouraged, but darn. 

So we're walking. I see a young man bent over his car with the hood up. And I think (engines, not a mechanic in anyway, but I know about checking dip sticks and a few other things, it'll be just like talking to Zack) but he was accords the street and he would totally pull up a wall if we just go "hey, church right" I wasn't sure... I hesitated the. Turned to sister Bulson, "Let's go talk to him." We walk a tad farther then cross the street and backtrack to him in the second before I reached the side of his car I heard a voice "He's probably a jerk, you don't know a thing about cars and let's face it, you're just an awkward person. Well awkward got us two new investigators this week, open your mouth." So I said, "Hey, what's wrong with your car?" ...... I can't really share all about the conversation, but it was awesome!!! 

By the time we were finally able to turn the conversation he was open about Mormons and sincere and it was just thebest. We left him with a Book of Mormon and return appointment and I asked him to say the prayer before we left, I got to teach him how, his prayer was so sincere!! It was great! We walked home for curfew and I was walking on air! 

Then the fiery darts started flying. He's going to make the 4th new investigator and they are all men! There are way too many women and we really need priesthood holders!! And I felt so excited. Then I started worrying about all of them finding anti Mormon stuff, and that I'm going to be a lousy teacher when we go back for appointments. Gaaaaahh. The ugly serpent reared its ugly head.

I started doubting my faith hard core and didn't even realize. Then I was like NOOOO!!! Stop!! I had a thought that came to mind. (Side note, there is a cool lesson I love that I've learned. When we have a question, it's our voice; the first good thing we hear is the Holy Ghost. You only get it once, it's soft and oh so subtle, and then the devil comes flying in with bad, bad, bad.!! Always shooting down the good, and this is what happened.) My first thought to "what if....." The answer was, don't worry about it. You have had a victory, you used your faith and you feel filled with joy. Just trust that I help your faith line upon line, so right now don't worry about it." (As I'm writing this out, totally know I've learned this lesson before, but I'm so grateful he's patient, and teaches at our level) it'll work out when you go back to teach him. But I let doubt in for a second and he tore in! We choose to listen what voice we let into our minds. It takes practice, lots and lots. But it's ok, that what the atonement is
for.  It's wonderful once I started focusing on the positive again all I could think was, man, it's SO COOL! 

Zack, Tony, Dad, Chase, and Brother Staten. I'm so grateful for all the random little things I learned from you all about cars no matter how small, and you know, he even planned all of that!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!! IT’S AWESOME!!!!!! I am who I am for a reason! Every part of me no matter how much I love plaid shirts is a gift. And it's pretty cool because he knows me and each of us in every way. I'm so grateful to see all the amazing things around me. Those moments don't last very long where everything is aligned, but it's so worth it.

I was sitting in church the next day getting to know more of the ward members and it hit me, you are exactly where you need to be right now! It wasn't a feeling like I would imagine revelation coming from, but I felt home. I felt surrounded by my brothers and sisters and felt filled with love. Those moments are what help remind me that even though people look at us like we're crazy and ignorant of life; they are the ones who are really not living in reality. They're not living in real life. And I get to help them see.

I love you all. All of the experiences I've had have prepared me for now! Right now! The present is the best because the moments we live in are definitely a gift. You're all amazing. You truly are. I hope you
all have a wonderful week

 -Love Sister Burk