Monday, April 18, 2016

This week went so fast!


This week went so fast! I had my first zone meeting. I never knew that missionary work involved so many meetings and study time. But its really great. 

We found a less active woman named Tricia who came from a really strong LDS family except that her mother decided to take a detour, so she was baptized but never active.  Grandparents and cousins all strong except her parents and siblings and has a really really crazy history.

She's expecting a baby and isn't interested in being active, but she wants answers for her children and to be able to have some kind of claim on her religion, but isn't interested any farther than that. :) That'll do for now....but it's gonna change.

The ward is full of first generation converts and it's awesome! It's also really difficult for the ward at times because it's full of part time member families and a really really low amount of priesthood holders. It's our goal to make that our focus when we go teaching.

Sister Bulson and I were planning what we wanted to try teaching when we go tracting around a less active members house tonight, and we had the awesome idea to (since it's Monday) to teach families about FHE. (Thank you Michelle :)) and then when they let us in to actually have an FHE. I'm really really excited how it'll work out and I'll write next week and share how it goes. 

I'll save up more for next week.  I love you all! I know the gospel is true! I am so so grateful that we have this blessing to live and share. 

-Love Sister Burk

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