Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello everybody! :)

We got to visit a less active woman named Sister Jubin.  She has some really really crazy stories.  She used to work for the airport in New York and was telling us all the famous people that she met. Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor and several others. 
We brought her Visiting Teacher with us, it has been a while since she's been to see her, and we stepped in and she had the most tasteful (small) and really tasteful apartment I'd stepped in.  Usually if you step into someones home who collects nicknacks it's cluttered and pretty random.  But it all fit so well together.  Her apartment was full of projects she had made from stuff she'd picked up.  She's an artist, so she had paintings and old pieces of furniture that she had picked up and painted or added stuff to. It was all so cool. 

Her daughter works and so she watches her grandson, who has too little space to express his energy.
We taught her about the temple and how the Philadelphia Temple open house is really soon.  We tried getting her excited to renew her temple recommend and to bring her friends. 

One of my very favorite things in the MTC was when one of the devotional speakers was the temple president, and one of the 12 had told him that for every temple built and dedicated it literally pushed back and weakened the power of evil on the earth. THAT IS SO COOL!   Just more light eliminating the dark corners. I love it.  The temple is so so so important and special. I miss going soo much. It was emphasized in General Conference, it was emphasized in stake conference (here).  It's just amazing.  The temple is how we strengthen ourselves and families against the adversary.  It pushes the natural man a little further away each time we go.

I got to go on my first exchange this week with Sister McConkie. (I asked her, she is the great niece of elder McConkie, pretty cool) she was so great. I was really scatter brained because I was 1) driving in a place that was really crazy different than Eatontown (we went to pick her up and she and her comp.  We were an hr away) 2) I was the one who needed to keep us on track and using the area on the iPad is a weak point.  I'm not good with tech.  And I was nervous because I didn't understand the way she teaches or anything and I just felt scared, but it was awesome!!   She taught me a lot. 

We were driving through an area called Lakewood (It's a Jewish Neighborhood) people are really bad drivers and it was awesome to see all the Jews in their suits and...headware. (not sure what it's all called) but if they are walking, they will pick one another off the street when they don't know them.  That happened as I was driving. It was cool. 

Sister McConkie went with me to visit a less active woman I hadn't met before. She was the coolest lady ever with some great history (everyone has the coolest stories) and her husband is not a member and he wouldn't stay for the lesson, but he was super friendly (he reminded me of that one actor, he's the dad in the move Holes who tries solving stinky shoes, only that actor when he's younger) that's what he looked like.  But when we left, she goes "OH WAIT, all the missionarys get free honey, Nelson makes it, he keeps bees and he loves giving it away" It was straight from the comb honey. It's really sweet and I've been eating it all week. 

The Lord is so amazing! I have been learning so much and am so so grateful for it. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers. it means so much to me. 
I love you all so much,

Sister Brook Burk

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