Monday, May 9, 2016


ok, funny story:

We have a less active in our ward named Judi Barnes. She's a sweet heart, but she insists on being a less active. Shen I came into the our apartment the first time the counter tops have: girl scout cookies (boxes) peeps, a GIANT chocolate Easter Egg, candy like no other, and so much more. I opened a drawer in my desk and it had so much candy! so I grabbed a trash bag. I did some spring cleaning. I filled the entire trash bag with junk food, and the sad thing was that all of what was in the bag, wasn't even all the junk food. 

Anyways, so sister Barnes, each time we visit has a few grocery bags of food. She sorts through what she doesn't want when she goes to the food bank. The only problem is that she's not the only one who likes to just give us as much junk food as possible.  And when sister Bulson doesn't like to get rid of stuff, then it's there to tempt me. So I asked her for a favor. :) Shen I want to eat junk food. (We volunteer at a food bank and the lady there gets offended when we don't take a pie or cookies) We get in the car and I ask her a favor. To keep me from chowing down, she spits in it, or licks it. I know it's pretty ridiculous, but if you're looking for a laugh this week......there it is!
This week we had a super cool contact. It was 8:30 and dark and people really don't like you at the door. But we were walking around an apartment complex and saw a couple walking. It was my turn to start. We got their attention. It was a young muslim couple. They were on a walk, had just moved in and were walking with their three month old girl. We got to share the restoration and give them a Book of Mormon. I felt so grateful that they would listen. We made a return appointment and cell phones. I can't wait to teach them again.
I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for all that He teaches and does for each of us. I'm here and I feel so overwhelmed so much at times in those moments when I realize all how in the past has even been mapped out to be for me, and others and His work, It all is for a great big work, when all at once, It's all for me. Just like if no one in the world excepted Christ as their Savior except one person, He would have still gone through Gethsemane and the cross just for that one person. Oh how I am grateful!
I love you all! thank you for all you do!
-Sister Brook

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