Monday, April 11, 2016

"I Am A Child of God"

My bad last week--sorry the letter didn't go through ..

So this week, I haven't read anyone's letters. I'm writing this first, and then I'll read them all. :)

Alright, so before I forget, I have a really cool story that I'm really excited for:
Last night, we finished our appointments and it's too dark for tracting, so we go to a Dunkin' Donuts store to access wifi to sync the i-pad and update for lessons.  (Did I say they are EVERYWHERE HERE!!! LIKE ON EVERY CORNER!!!!)  We still had time to get some stuff done, so while my companion is putting info in on the lessons, I start up on the phone. 

I went to the less actives list and just started calling names. NO ONE ANSWERS!!!!  Each time we got a voicemail my compaion and I sang "I am a child of God."  There were a lot of voicemail's that were not set up.  So no one usually answers and lots of the calls had been disconnected *sad.  But I felt good, because you really cannot go wrong with "I Am a Child of God."  I figured someone needed to hear it that day. 

By the time we finished, it was time to get home for curfew.  We finished up our night and got our planning and everything done, and went to bed.  While we were laying in bed, the PHONE STARTS RINGING!!!!  I turn on the closest light, my companion grabs the phone, and it's one of the less actives calling us back.  "What do we do? I say answer it!"  So she answers the phone. 

Long story short, he was calling back a number he missed on his phone. He's in California right now working. Then he says, "Man it's so cool ya'll are the sister missionaries. I was just thinking about getting a hold of you, I'm moving back to NJ and I want to start coming back to church. I know that I need to and I want to, and I really want the missionaries to come and teach my wife."  He gave us some background on her religion, and then he said he knew the church was true and that he needed and wanted to come back!  It'll be a couple of weeks.  Then I asked him if he would pray everyday for her.  I told him we would pray for her each day too, until we were able to meet with her.  We asked that in the prayers that he would pray that Heavenly Father would prepare us and help her.  It was just the coolest!

Second cool story: Letha-ites! Does anyone remember a sister missionary named sister Erehart that served in our ward around 1994-95?  There is a less active lady here in this ward.  She served her mission in Idaho and was in our ward at one point.  She finally came to church. I told her I was from Idaho, and to see what the big whoop was of why she was less-active.  Anyway, she finds out where I'm from, asks me my name, and starts getting oober excited and anounces to everyone, "I HELD HER AS A BABY ON MY MISSION!" : )  It's amazing the paths that cross in life.  And how Heavenly Father sets everything up.

Here's my thought--the gospel is: Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentence, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

The first thing that screws all of that up, is when someone is so much without hope in themselves and who they can be, that they can't see (unless they choose and grab on to faith with both hands) WHO THEY ARE and who they CAN BECOME!! 

The motto of our mission is BECOME Gods instrument.  WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD!! We are beings who are destined for greatness!  He can't force us to see unless we have hope.  Hope in who we are and who He see's. Most of the people have so many scars and pain and baggage that they forget that the future is bright. When we forget who we are and forget to dream, life is a pretty sad place.  It's like in the movie the Croods: It's not living. It's just not dying.  We just sit and exist instead of growing and becoming. Fill the people around you with light. 

The thought I wanted to share last week, that didn't finish coming through was in Ether 2:23. I read that verse and I had been pondering what I should try to work on, how can I improve because I have so many weaknesses.  Then I started thinking about vessels.  We are a vessel, right?  So then I re-read it and instead this is what I saw:  

"And the lord said unto Sister Burk: What will ye that I should do that ye may have light inside you? For behold, ye cannot have doubt, for your testimony will be dashed into pieces; neither shall ye take fear with you, for ye shall not move forward, but shall be consumed by it."

I was kind of surprised because I was mostly feeling good, but I realized what He was telling me: Choose!
Choose to believe in who you are! I knew that, but I forgot to apply it. 

Strengthen your faith and CHOOSE!  The more I see, the more I understand why. We forget that we can choose. Choose to let ourselves move mountains, to do ANYTHING! BUT ESPECIALLY we can do ALL THINGS when we align ourselves with God and that INCLUDES that when we align our belief with his that we are his children and that He loves us and we are special and meant for greatness each and everyone of us, then we change nature. We change our ouselves.

I love you all! I truly do.  We are all so blessed and capable with infinite potential. Do not give yourself or anyone around you, the doubt of becoming.  Fill your mind with light from the belief in your divine heritage and God your Father.

I love you!!  Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your light and your love!
Sister Burk


BONNIE!!! SO HAPPY for you and James! sucha  CUTIE!! send in the pictures.

Michelle and Braden! THANK YOU for the music!! It's awesome!! 

Holly, I've loved hearing the weekly new from your fam. I miss the boys and you and Zack! 

Jasie! Tony!! let me know how moving has gone.

Roman, I loved your letter and was gonna put my vote with yours that it would be awesome if Bons baby was born April 1. That would be epic.

Brinley and Spencer. I've loved your emails. Thank you. I can't wait to hear more.

Prairie!!  You're super woman! I was so happy to get to hear about all the bobbins and Larry.  Do I have Larry's email? Llet him know I love him and proud. I'm prayin he'll get the feeling in his fingers again too.

Chase, That letter made my week and I want to send one back. I'm so soo happy for you and Alex. There are Enterprise places all over the place here and I think of you and Alex every week. 

Alex, you're the best! The pics and little thoughts are such special boosts.

Mom and Dad, you're incredible and I want to thank you for all that you do! Letters and all!

Mason! I love seeing and reading your letters. So dang proud of you! You inspire!

Family- I don't have to share you with anyone. You are all the best and you're my family! Heavenly Father sent me to a bonfire of light when he sent me with ya'll.  Love you all so much! 

also!! please send me all of your snail mail addresses. Not where you are if youre moving soon. 

James and Bon, and I have yours.  Thank you. But I want everyone else's also! I'll put picts up if I get addresses next week :) (I'm making that happen today) 

Love you!! Have a great week!

Sister Burk

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