Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm finally in New Jersey!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this is so crazy. I am so so sorry about not being able to have written last week. I flew in to Jersey last Monday. I'm so so glad that I don't get motion sickness, I don't think I really even realized thats a thing until the sisters beside sick. I felt bad. the plane hit some pretty bad turbulence. I really felt like I'd fall out of the sky any second. 

It made me think of that talk by Elder Nelson. He was saying how he was in a plane, and suddenly the planes wing......wasn't working (wish I could remember how something went wrong, but it did) and the plane started to fall, and the pilot was losing control, a woman on the other side of the plane started screaming. He looked around him and saw people panicking, and crying and praying. Then he realized, he felt so calm. He realized that if he was going to do die, then that would be just fine. He was prepared to meet God and he felt at peace with his life. He obviously didn't die though. The pilot gained control and they made an emergency landing. 

I wouldn't be able to say that I feel the way that Elder Nelson felt, but it gave me something to think about. It gave me a vision. That's what I want to feel. That's where I want to be. Not that I'll ever be able to do all that Elder Nelson does, or do all that he has in his lifetime, obviously not, but to do all that I can and the best I can in the time and experience that I do have. To accept that my Heavenly Father is looking on my heart. 

In the MTC one of the coolest definitions they taught about repentance was the complete meaning of repentance. We learned that it changes our actions, our hearts, and our thoughts.  Together it really truly does something incredible. All together it changes nature. It changes our nature. It moves mountains. WHOA!!!!  But it's all little by little. We get to have three hours of study in the morning--1 personal, 1 companion. 1 for newbie studying. I feel so lame at studying and just wish to absorb it all. But I can only absorb little by little.

Ok, my new companion. I HAVE AN AMAZING TRAINER!!!  Her name is Sister Bulson. I am serving in the south part of Jersey. I'm in the Eatontown ward ( WHOOOHOOOOO WITCH OF BLACK BIRD POND!!!! ) It really makes me smile each time I think about it. There are three sets of missionaries in our ward. It's a good mix of everything. I haven't seen a whole lot of variety yet, just black and white. But then again, it's only week one and I'm in a pretty suburbish area. 

On my first time tracking early last week, we went to Neptune Court, and we tried just saying anything to anyone. It's a pretty black neighborhood and feels like the sketch part of Letha, or how Letha used to feel sketch, and we heard these two black guys talking about easter services, we started talking to them, TayQuan, and Tyriece. We ended up talking to Tyriece a good two hrs about God. He was so excited just to talk to anyone about religion. I gave him a restoration pamphlet, but he wouldn't take a copy of the Book of Mormon. We got his contact info and gave it to the Elders who could meet with him, because the sisters aren't allowed into Asbury Park which is where he lives.  I learned a lot from Tyriece. :) He explained how God gets so happy for his children, dat wen we gonna see him, he gonna be break dancin. :) 

We spoke with everyone on their porch who would be willing to listen and we ran into so many who been saved. But we were talking to a lady named Trina. she was sitting on her porch and we asked about her day and she said "I'm blessed" what makes you blessed "because I opened my eyes this mornin" as frustrating as it is to try talking to the religious black people here because they let you explain the proper authority, or that we can do more to be happier or to follow his example, it never ceases to make me happy when they answer with such simple faith.  So many of them acknowledge God in ALL things, that it makes me humbled to remember my blessings.  So many almost died from tumors and cancer and brain problems and tons of junk that happen from not living the commandments, and they finally realize and give all thanks to God for life, and do their best to turn around. We talked to Trina and gave her a Book of Mormon, (she loves to read) and she told us how she remembered the Elders, back in her rougher days, but they were awesome. she said "you know da mormons aren't fraid a goin no place, you know why? cus dat" and she pointed to our tags. "dats your shield, you mormons you just have dis aura about choo. it don't matter what part or how wicked some where is, it does not stop choo." It was really cool to hear her say that. She was great to talk to. Even if I haven't met lots of races, theres still gobs of different personalities. Which is really amazing how different each of Gods children are.

I love you all so much! thank you for all that you do. 

Sister Burk

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