Monday, March 28, 2016

And she's off...New Jersey!

Brook flew out Monday morning and called Jasmine from the airport because she wasn't able to get ahold of her Mom.

From Jasmine: 

"She wasn't sure if she would have time to write once she got there but she sounded great! 
She was nervous to be starting on the next step of her mission but she still sounded happy and upbeat and would tell me, "I'm nervous, but it's OK because it will all work out." 
She told me how much it meant to her to feel such an outpouring of love from so many people while she was in the MTC, especially on St. Patrick's Day. She said she looked at the list of people on her email list and thought, "where did all these people come from?" She was amazed that so many people cared for and loved her, and she could feel all of their prayers and that it was a tender mercy to her.
She sounded great and I felt like she was doing really well. She loved her time in the MTC and it created a great foundation for her going forward. She will be able to handle what comes next because she has such a great desire to help other people and this will give her that opportunity without having to worry about the cares of the world that can bring her down.
I'm sure we will hear from her tomorrow and hear about New Jersey. Her P-Day in the MTC was Tuesday but going forward it will be on Mondays."

From Mom: 

"Brookie wrote me a couple of notes from her compamion's ipad with permission. She arrived safely and wanted me to know. She is on Park Ave. and just down the street, closeby is a place called Scoops (an ice cream shop) Dad and I google-earthed it. It has to be a sign since Brookie is called Scoop by her cousins. It made us smile. 

The Senior Sister at the mission home also called me and so I got another report on some of the details like the Ipad (Brook will not receive hers for 6 weeks) and about driving etc. She is in Ocean township which is not as fast paced as most of the state.

Her physical address is: 

806 West Park Ave #8A
Ocean Township,NJ 07712

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