Thursday, March 17, 2016

MTC Week #2

Elder Mckintosh, (convert, Rexburg buddies from the 65 ward, he was in our ward back in the day)
Elder Cluff, Elder Guthrie, Elder Hamson-the really tall one.
In this picture of our district, the elders are on a ledge.
(They're cheating. They aren't as tall as they look next to him in the pic.)

Me, my companion Sister Vaughn, Sister DeMille, Sister Perkinson
Dear Family and Friends,

I can't even say how much I feel loved!!! Thank you all SO SO much! 

So this week was pretty crazy, and yet I can't think of a thing to say. My companion and I got called as sister training leaders for our zone. So we keep an eye on the sisters and take care of relief society. This week we get new sisters in our zone so we get to show them around and help them out in anyway! There was a sister who got the flu pretty badly, so we spent most of our morning last Wednesday helping her in the health center, she was so weak and couldn't keep any food down. The Elders came and gave her a blessing. I love that so much here. It's so comforting to know that there are wonderful wonderful Elders all around you willing and wanting to serve if you need them. t

This Saturday my companion got sick with some kind of stomach ache, so I got to spend the day in our dorm. I decided to take up Elder Bednar's challange. He said to get a paperback Book of Mormon and pick one topic, and then mark up the B.O.M just on that topic. I chose to mark each time someone in the Book of Mormon prays and mark in blue everytime Heavenly Father answers. Just in the first 6 chapters it was pretty incredible to see the amazing answers. So my Sunday was really great. 

Then the other sisters in our dorm would bring me food and towards the end asked if I would like to switch so that I could get out and go to the devotional and the video. Elder Allen spoke. His message was to teach people (and us as missionaries) that God loves us. or the way he put his topic, how God feels about us. It was really powerful. I have really enjoyed being able to learn and listen. Then we listened to Elder Holland's message-Open your mouth. It was awesome! I love listening to the bretheren, and then when they're done just sitting and thinking, Holy cow I love those men. I love them! 

The famous MTC cafeteria! It's funny, there's so much good food and so much bad food, and so much goes to waste and some..... shouldn't be served. They only have ice cream on Sundays and Wednesdays and believe it or not, I have only gotten it 2 times. ......although on long rough days I've gone to the vending machine for an ice cream bar so.......maybe that doesn't count. 

BUT STILL!!! :) CAN ANYONE SAY WHAT WEEK IT IS?!!!!!! THIS THURSDAY IS SAINT PADDY'S DAY!!!! ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF THE YEAR!!!! I wake up in the morning singing Irish songs and wearing my four leaf clover necklace and using my wannabe Irish/Scottish accent any chance I get. It threw my companion and my dorm roomies.......and my whole district off at first. They really weren't expecting it, but now they know its just who I am :) 

My district gets to sing on Sunday as part of sacrament meeting. we're singing Redeemer of Israel. Sister Perkinson is playing piano and Elder Cluff is playing the cello. I'm singing alto, and the other two sisters are singing soprano and the Elders covering base and tenor. It's gonna be awesome! We practice it everyday and we're all really excited.

My thought for the week. The coolest thing I feel that I've learned about change  (I swear I felt like I'd thought of this before, but now I'm like ooooooooohhhhhh. It makes sense. my companion and I taught a woman who has been searching out all the other religions. the first most important lesson to teach her, to help her build her faith and and understanding, is to help her understand who God and Jesus Christ are. They love us. 

I got to bear my testimony to her! It was the coolest feeling to see her doubt and fade away. What made it the best was that I wasn't teaching a lesson, I was helping her find a truth from my testimony and experience. The change part of this comes in, because we change all the time, for better or good, but God is the anchor that never moves. always there to pull us in when we allow him to help us. 

I know this Gospel is true. I know our savior lives and that this is the true church! 

I love you all!

Sister Burk

My District in Class
All of the cute Sister Missionaries

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