Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2016

Part 1
Dear everyone! 

When I start these letters I picture everyone on my email list, and then some. I want to be personal with each of you, but it’s so hard when addressing a group. Just know that I love you! I will do my very very best nonetheless. 
I'm pretty sure I've had some great adventures this week, but today I want to share what Heavenly Father has been teaching me. I only hope I can express it well. 
It is so so amazing that we all learn so differently! The more I learn, the more I serve. Most of all, the more I learn to see why humility is so important, the more I recognize how much he loves me so much individually. And that that same love is for every single one of us. He made us all so specifically with weaknesses, strengths, challenges, and opportunities to help us learn to rely on him, and to have our faith be an example.
This week I felt prompted to study hope. I have felt so blessed because I have never felt so much direction in my studies ever before. As I felt prompted to look for hope, I went and read a conference talk by Sister Marriott. She was sharing a story of how she lost her daughter when her daughter was 21. Their family motto had always been "it will all work out." Her daughter was in a bike accident and passed away in the hospital before she was able to reach her. This dear sweet woman just lost her daughter and yet she is still able to stand and speak to us all that it will all work out. What a strong wonderful example of a woman who has a testimony of the plan of salvation. Her story reminded me of so many similar situations I've seen in our home ward or friends at school.

Part two next week. Ran out of time. Love you all

Love Sister Brook
Zone Activity

We got to stay out past curfew to watch the fireworks

We were on a members balcony :)

Pet Pig?

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