Friday, July 15, 2016


June 13, 2016


I have a short letter this week.
I'm staying in Eatontown another transfer with Sister Bulson! We were so excited!!! You know that feeling when you know you are about to learn something crazy awesome and it's gonna slap you in the face soon but you don't know when-That's the feeling we have.

So this week. We have lots and lots of less active, inactive, and part member families. But I love this ward. There's a really wide range of where everyone lives and about half of the people own cars. So people pick each other up and bring them to church. Sad thing is, there's just too many people and not enough cars.

We went out with Desiree this week. And this time we brought a girl named Samara. She is Sister Jennings niece. Sister Jennings is a single mom with two boys and took Samara in because of rough times. I love Sister Jennings. She has gone through so so much and is one of the biggest hearted people I've met. She's a convert and isn't solid in the gospel, but she tries so hard.

Our fridge is having some issues right now. The plug is broken, so it's moved into the middle of our kitchen. So we have an interesting little set up. Lol. 

So I was talking with Sister Bulson, and one of the things we were discussing was letters. She likes to put in everything. Hard times, funny moments and the happy. She doesn't want to make people that it's just this spiritual high all the time. I think that is entirely true. And to be honest-it's difficult for so many reasons. Each trial is taillor made for each person. But each challenge helps to strengthen your weakness

Love you all!
Sister Burk

Beach P day 

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