Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dear Jeff in Jersey

July 11, 2016

Hey everyone! I love you all!!
So first thing before I forget. There is a family in our ward who took
all of us to dinner this last week. We went to a diner. They are a
part member family. Sister Tyler is a convert. We were sharing a
thought about the temple.  Sister Tyler opened up and shared how she
had felt her first time going. I immediately had a thought. You should tell
her about “Dear Jeff.” I wasn't sure if that was ok, but I felt strongly
to tell her about it. “Sister Tyler, there's a book that is really good
that helps you learn about all that. And it'll be helpful for when you
teach your son or when your husband decides to convert.“ (Her husband
wasn't listening) but as soon as I mentioned it, Sister Furniss turns
to me and says. “Hey I read that book!” Me: “Really??? Did the cover look
like this? “(Described it to her) “Yes.” “That's awesome! Where did you
hear about it?” "My grandma found and read it. She loves it. I loved
it, and all my siblings are going to read it.” In my head all I could
say was "WAY TO GO TRAV!!!!!" All the way in Jersey, and I meet
someone who's read Dear Jeff. How cool is that!!!!! It made my

So, this week I want to express how much Heavenly Father knows each of us. I wish so much to explain what all I've learned and how, but I really have no way of explaining. I am learning how deep and how broad the atonement is. He is there in all of it. He takes into account our mistakes. Our weaknesses. But he knows
those weaknesses. He knew what would happen to those weaknesses. He
has made a way, and prepared a way for each of us.

I know He is there. I know He loves us. I know this church is true.
There is a scripture is D&C that I have found in D&C 101

14 And all they who have mourned shall be comforted.
15 And all they who have given their lives for my name shall be crowned.
16 Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all
flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God. (D&C 101)

I feel like sometimes in my mind, and in real life, that I run around like a chicken with my head chopped off. Or like I’m a child who forgets to trust in a wise parent.
"Be still and Know that I am God!" He has it all worked out! He loves
us all too dearly to just set us aside and figure it out when we make
mistakes. He uses our mistakes to teach us.

I know my Savior lives. And I know He has prepared a way. And I know
He loves us!
I love you all! Thank you all for everything.

-love Sister Burk

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